National high school essay contests

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National Poetry Contests For High School Students

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High School Essay Contest

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Contests & Competitions

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Just for Fun is a national multimedia project offering information and resources to the parents and educators of struggling adolescent readers and writers. is an educational initiative of WETA, the flagship public television and radio station in the nation's capital, and is funded by Carnegie Corporation of New York and by.

High School Essay Contest Rules. Teachers are requested to submit only the top five essays from each class. Only five entries per class, per school, will be accepted.

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The AAPT High School Physics Photo Contest is an international competition for high school students. For many years this contest has provided teachers and students an opportunity to learn about the physics behind natural and contrived situations by creating visual and written illustrations of.

We have poetry contests for elementary students and middle school students. The benefits are endless and choosing Creative Communication for your writing competition needs is an easy choice. Enter your kids, teens and students today.

Contest: SPJ / JEA High School Essay Contest Description: This essay contest, sponsored by the Society of Professional Journalists and the Journalism Education Association, invites students to consider the importance of independent media.

The Contest is open to all college-bound, high school seniors. Contest Deadline is October 19, The manuscript must be postmarked or time stamped on the email not later than midnight, October 19,and sent to the LOCAL CHAPTER SPONSORING THE ESSAY CONTEST.

National high school essay contests
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